L&C in the News

The voices of Lewis & Clark community members regularly appear in the national, regional, and local news media. Check out these noteworthy stories.

The Oregonian
School psychologists provide significant mental, emotional, behavioral, and developmental supports for students. But there is a shortage of licensed school psychologists across Oregon, and especially in rural communities. L&C Professor Elena Diamond is leading a new hybrid degree program that allows folks already working in school districts in rural and coastal areas to become school psychologists without having to leave their communities.

Portland Business Journal

Sneakers – and sportswear in general – are big business in Portland and across the globe. So it’s no surprised Nic Mayne’s upcoming Lewis & Clark course on “Sneaker Law” is attracting attention.  The class will cover topics that include intellectual property, marketing deals, manufacturing, distribution and branding.


Jefferson Public Radio

The Supreme Court recently upheld restrictions placed by the city of Grants Pass on people without access to housing.  Lewis & Clark Professor Tung Yin explains what the ruling will mean to cities in Oregon and across the nation.


Harper’s Magazine

For more than a century, economic sanctions have been used as tools to advance international policy. But Lewis & Clark professor Pauls Toutonghi, recounting a recent visit to Aleppo (a city that generations of his family called home), reveals the devastating impact sanctions have on the people who are subject to dictators whose rule remains intact. 


Inside EPA

On June 28, 2024, the Supreme Court overturned a forty-year-old precedent known as the Chevron doctrine. For decades, the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies relied on the doctrine to regulate pollution and other harms. Lewis & Clark Professor William Funk explains what the impact of the court’s recent decision will have on efforts to protect the environment.


The Oregonian

Commercial development shouldn’t come at a cost to public health. That’s why Lewis & Clark’s Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC) is challenging a proposal to that would bring air and noise pollution to Portland’s Parkrose and Argay Terrace neighborhoods, an area home to many low-income residents, immigrants, and people of color.


Corvallis Advocate

Foster kids deserve to have all their needs met. But that can be especially challenging for LGBTQ+ youth, who make up about 30% of the population in foster care. According to Oregon’s Department of Human Services, one of the best resources to meet these needs is Lewis & Clark’s TransActive Gender Project, which proudly provides services and supports for these kids and the families that love them.


Oregon Arts Watch

Lewis & Clark Professor Štĕpán Šimek doesn’t just teach theater. He’s transforming it, as his new translations of Russian playwright Anton Chekhov are being performed by PETE (Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble). “American theater had Chekhov all wrong … what we were seeing and propagating wasn’t really Chekhov at all, but a washed-out, bland, romanticized version of a playwright who was much more visceral, energetic, urgent – and funny” than American audiences realized. Now, Šimek’s translations are providing an “immersive, sensually dense, rich, evocative experience of Chekhov.”