Dining at Lewis & Clark

A Taste of the Pacific Northwest

Our food service provider, Bon Appétit, takes special care to offer students many different meal options with vegan and vegetarian selections always available! With their Farm to Fork initiative, our dining halls strive to utilize locally sourced options from farmers around the Pacific Northwest whenever possible, giving our students the opportunity to enjoy super fresh regional favorites.

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  • Local 
    Bon Appétit focuses on utilizing fresh ingredients through the Farm to Fork initiative, supporting local Pacific Northwest farmers.
  • All 

    All of our on-campus residents are required to have a meal plan that can be used at any of our dining locations across the institution.

  • 4 

    Our undergraduate campus has four locations to grab meals, coffee, and snacks. 

Dining Locations


The Dovecote

Located in Albany Quadrangle on the academic side of campus, the Dovecote is our cozy coffee shop, featuring your favorite barista-made beverages, snacks, sandwiches, kombuchas, and more. On a sunny day, you’ll find our students taking full advantage of the outdoor seating on the patio.


Fields Dining Room

Fields is our main dining hall on the undergraduate campus, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is where our students find the greatest variety of choices when it comes to meals, from our daily salad bar to quesadilla nights (our students’ favorite)!

Trail Room

Trail Room

The Trail Room provides delicious fries, pizza, and grab-and-go sandwiches or wraps, along with a full-service coffee bar featuring beans from Portland Coffee Roasters! This newly renovated venue has lots of seating and spaces for our students to study, relax, or meet up with friends.

Coffee cup

Brewed Awakening

Grab a coffee and a treat at this easygoing one-stop shop! Brewed Awakening is located in the Legal Research Center, the student hub on the Law Campus.

Interior shot of cafe showing vending machines

Food for Thought Cafe

Choose from a rotating selection of sandwiches, salads, microwavable small entrees, snacks, and beverages in this self-service vending market, located in York Commons on the Graduate Campus.


The Marketplace

This market’s large selection of snacks, drinks, and ready-made meals makes it popular among our students! Located in Fowler Student Center, the marketplace makes it easy to grab snack essentials for your room without leaving campus.

Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan Type Semester Rate Academic Year Rate
19 Meals $3,333 $6,666
14 Meals $3,097 $6,194
14 Meals with Flex (200) $3,244 $6,488
100 Block with Flex (250) $2,220 $4,440
Flex Only (750) $780 $1,560

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Dietary Considerations

Worried about dining on campus with a dietary restriction, allergy, or religious-based diet? Bon Appétit is able to work with students to ensure that everyone has meals that fit their needs. With a fantastic group of chefs, managers, and staff—along with clear menu signage—our expert team is ready to support you every step of the way.

Working On Campus

Our dining halls provide ample opportunities for our students to find employment.

Student Employment

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