Lewis & Clark’s beautiful campus is home not only to lots of evergreens, native shrubs, and flowers, but also an abundance of moss. In honor of this underappreciated plant, Lewis & Clark’s Natural History Club held its sixth annual Moss Appreciation Week in mid-February.

The popular campus event featured traditional favorites, like the Moss Petting Zoo and the terrarium-building workshop, as well as new events, including Moss Murmurs in L&C’s Ear Forest and a one-of-kind Gastropod Derby. Special guest Jenna Ekwealor, a bryologist from San Francisco State University, led a moss walk and delivered a lecture on the secret life of moss that grows under rocks. This year’s Moss Week was organized by club leaders Deanna Sunnergren BA ’24 and Sammy Kutsch BA ’24.


Suhail Akram BA ’24

  • Students standing in a forest.
    Moss Murmors, an EAR Forest audio installation, was imagined and realized by Associate Professor of Art Jess Perlitz, Educational Technology Specialist Justin Counts, Visiting Professor of Art Dann Disciglio, Educational Technologist Angelina Almukhametova, and Library Student Employment Coordinator Robin Anderson. It featured voice performances from Associate Professor of Theatre Rebecca Lingafelter’s Acting III students and others.
  • A student listens to Moss Murmors, an audio installation in the EAR Forest.
  • Moss-themed cupcakes greeted visitors to the EAR Forest event.
  • Moss- and forest-themed goodies were part of the EAR Forest opening event.
  • L&C’s EAR (Experimental Art Research) Forest is home to a 16-channel audio system nestled in the trees. It’s designed for sound walks, auditory experiences, storytelling, musical compositions, and more.
  • Creativity abounds during Moss Week, as evidenced by this moss-themed costume.
  • A student models their moss-inspired attire.
  • The Gastropod Derby was a new event this year.
  • Fans gather for the Gastropod Derby.
  • Students prepare the competitors for the Gastropod Derby.
  • Aw, so cute!
  • The lineup for Moss Week’s Gastropod Derby.
  • And they’re off!